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Next-Day Fulfilment


We are a local fulfillment service that provides  0-Emission Next-Day delivery to your customers for the price of 2nd class delivery.

Currently Only In Birmingham/Solihull,UK

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How It Works


Download our Integration

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Send your products to us in Birmingham

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 Customer orders on your stores/website

If we have stock and the order is in Birmingham, we will fulfill the order using 0-Emission Next day delivery.

We check against the order and location

We Integrate With

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Why We Do It?


of all customers say customer experience is an important part of their loyalty to a brand.


of customers are willing to pay more for products and buy more from companies with great customer experience.


of consumers abandon online shopping carts if shipping time was too long or wasn't provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What Is Kaientai?

We want to create a logistics infrastructure for every e-commerce to provide their customers with Zero-Emission Next-Day Delivery.

How Much Do You Charge?

We charge the same rates as your current second class delivery costs. However, we also do the packaging and fulfilment so it is technically cheaper! How we charge you? An invoice every 2 weeks on all the items you have sold through us.

How Do I Start?

Send us an email or message so we can have a quick call. We will discuss what kind of items are best and how we can start. We are also here to answer any more questions you may have!

How Many Items Can I Send?

It is best to start of with your best selling items and ones that cost you £2+ pound to deliver. That is the ideal first step with us.

Are There Any Storage Fees?

Currently, we don't have any storage fees. But if your items don't have very much sales volume after some time, we may have to send it back due to limited storage space. That is unlikely though.

Where Do You Currently Deliver?

We only delivery to Birmingham/Solihull area right now. So when we install our software to your online store, any order that you get from Birmingham/Solihull will be transferred to us. However, We are planning on expanding into more areas in the near future.